You work with a pressure cooker, not in one!

Anyone who’s worked in a professional kitchen knows only too well how much stress you’re under. Working around heat, steam, and with the need to get a consistent standard of food to the customer, any single one of whom might have an over-inflated opinion of their own culinary expertise – it’s enough to make you sweat just thinking about it.

There’s usually a trade-off between looking the part – a chef who inspires confidence in your restaurant’s patrons and comfort. You want anyone who enters the kitchen to be able to see who is a chef, who is head chef, who is server and who is a member of the waiting staff at a glance.

Professional clothing for server and chef

Some restaurants want traditional chef’s whites. Some want a utilitarian black. You may decide that short sleeves are vital to surviving the heat and pressure, you may feel that the formality of your restaurant requires long sleeves. Kitchen and waiting staff attire might not be first thing on your mind when you’re ordering in, but you’ll soon know about it if you overlook having quality shirts or jackets. If your competitors look fresh, clean and stylish while you’re in tired whites that need to be replaced, don’t fit right and keep getting new members of staff confused thinking you’re a waiter and not head chef… well, it’s just another kitchen nightmare.

Take the stress out, and take the time to give your comfort and professional appearance the attention it deserves. Check what your competitors are wearing then and next time they see you looking as cool and in control of your kitchen, your appearance, and the food, it’ll be them who worries. Business is hard enough, don’t add concerns about how you and your staff look as well.

Looking right on the waiting floor is even more important – because servers who waiters on the guests gives the first impression of the restaurant. Therefore clean, nice and stylish looking server aprons are important. Whether the style is classic and white or modern and black, you can see more here and make the staff look as good as the food tastes.