Vietnamese Dishes are Always Fresh

Aside from the wonderful taste of Vietnamese dishes, they are also popular because they are made from fresh ingredients. If they are not served fresh, they are definitely not worth being called Vietnamese dishes. This is in fact the reason why people all over the world rave about these dishes. They know they are eating something fresh and nutritious.

Fresh spring rolls, vegetable salads, and vegetable side-dishes for soups are usually served raw. They don’t just taste great, they are also very healthy. In fact, if you are planning to go on a diet, it is recommended to try Vietnamese dishes. You will see the difference in no time.

It is easy to find a Vietnamese restaurant London offers. They are all over the city. You might think that they don’t really serve something fresh because they are just trying to copy whatever dish it is that is being served in Vietnam. The truth is that some of these restaurants are owned by families with Vietnamese roots. They have Vietnamese chefs or those who have studied in Vietnam. Most of all, they even import ingredients all the way from Vietnam to get that authentic taste. This is the reason why most people can’t resist eating these dishes.

It is like being transported to Vietnam even if you are just in London. The entire experience is great. You don’t just eat, but you also learn a lot about Vietnamese culture. In fact, one of the reasons why the Vietnamese love fresh vegetables is because they are abundant in the country. As a tropical country with a good climate for growing vegetables, the Vietnamese are lucky to have these wonderful options.

Introduce Vietnamese dishes to your family

If you have tried these dishes before, you will not hesitate coming back. In fact, you can bring your family or friends with you the next time around. You can also introduce these dishes to your kids. It would be an educational experience for them. Tell them more about Vietnamese culture and why it is special.

You can also take them to a restaurant that will literally make you feel like you are no longer in London, where everything has been tastefully decorated and everyone is wearing Vietnamese costumes. Some are even Vietnamese themselves and they will also greet you in the language. The menus are also translated into the Vietnamese language.

In short, the overall experience is amazing. Just try it once with your family and you will want to go back there the next time. If not, you can always order these dishes online. You can try some of the more popular options and try dining in the actual restaurant next time.

Image via (rakratchada torsap)