Using Accent Rugs to Brighten Your Home

Area rugs can make a wonderful accent to any room and make the space come alive. Gone are the days when a rug just has to sit in front of the fire hearth, or in a high traffic area to protect the carpet underneath, the modern day rug has flourished into something much, much more.

Using a rug as an accent can add many elements to a room, just by its mere presence. Not only can they bring an added touch of color to an otherwise dull floor, they can be utilized in many more ways. There are of course considerations to be made about what choice of accent rug to select and that will largely be down to the layout of the rooms, as well as the size.

The simple addition of an accent rug can change the whole appearance of the room, for both the person who resides there and visitors to the home. Some careful planning will help you get the right accent rug, which will complement the decor that you already have, or it can even be the starting point for the inspiration for decorating an entire room.

An accent rug is called so, because they help to bring a cohesion to a room’s design. The color will be all important so that there are no issues of the accent rug clashing with the walls, and choosing one from the same color range can simply add a finishing touch a room’s décor.

Along with color, the pattern is also important. Don’t be fooled by color when the pattern itself may not work with other furnishing within a room. The other consideration is size. The accent rug should be assuming and something that blends into the background, but at the same time would be missed were it not there.

Used upon wooden flooring, accent rugs bring a wonderful sense of style and color, by off-setting the mass of solid color, and accenting the entire floor area. The accent rug can break up the monotony of the floors, however nice they make look, and it will also help to soften the appearance of the room.

Accent Antique Rug Appraisals rugs can be utilized in heavy traffic areas and do not have to placed just for the sake of looking aesthetically sound. After all, it is a rug and a rug serves a purpose, primarily to keep more expensive carpeting clean in front of doorways.

Play with an idea of adding an accent rug to your home. There are no hard and set rules as to where they should really go. Understating things of course is always better than over-doing something, even though some people like an accent rug in every room of their home. Sometimes more is less, if you use the right rug in the right place.

Enjoy what a rug can do for your home. Take a look around your rooms and see where an area might need some subtle accent. These rugs do not have to be expensive, but obviously you will pay for better quality, and that is something important if it is going to be exposed to a lot of foot traffic.