This Is What You Should Know About Standard Door Height Canada

 We all understand that the entry doors are crucial features of our homes. But when purchasing the doors, many homeowners rarely consider the standard door height Canada. Remember that, the height you choose has a significant impact on the first impression visitors get for your home.

In a nutshell, to achieve the best possible fit, you should match the architectural style of your home and match it with your taste. You also want to have an installation that will guarantee you security from burglars, protection from weather vagaries, and one which will serve you for years. Here we have assembled some of the most troublesome questions asked by the homeowners such as the question about the standard door height Canada. Browse down for more.

  1. What Is the Best Door- A Steel, Wood or Fiberglass?

There are benefits and shortcomings associated with each material. Steel has existed for, and it is well tested. Though fibreglass material entered the market recently, it is moving towards energy efficiency. The wood is most common among homeowners because of its natural look and resistance to tear and wear. Here is a simple breakdown.

  • Fibreglass doors- These are robust, durable and cold resistant, maintenance free, affordable and energy efficient. They are suitable for Canadian winters and resembles the real wood. Besides, they can be painted or stained to complement the architectural design of your personality.
  • Steel doors-These ones are known for extended durability and best security among the three window materials. They have strengthened inner frame made from steel or wood. They have foam insulation to offer absolute insulating value. They don’t warp or crack. However, these doors are prone to scratches and rust if not taken care of properly.
  • Wood doors- These offer beautiful, stylish look than any other door material. They are highly resistant to wear, dent and subtle scratches are easy to repair.
  1. How Much Security Does the Decorative Glass Offer?

Including a décor glass to the exterior doors allows you to get a unique, artistic look at your home’s front. However, the privacy can be compromised if you don’t select wisely. The more delicate the details, the more pieces of glass will be used, and that compromises security.

  1. Which Is Best Between Patio and Garden

The main difference between garden and patio is that the latter slides while the former swings open. The design you choose depends on the space and size. For standard window sizes Canada, patio doors are most preferred.

  1. What Is the Best Lock System?

The security of your family comes first.  To achieve this, consider multi-point lock system rather than going for the cheap deadbolt or chain locks.

  1. What Warranty Comes with Replacement Doors

Usually, there is a warranty of fifteen years for installation works. Other warranties include twenty-five years for seal failure of insulated glass, hardware and tempered glass.


Deciding on the ideal standard door height Canada and other types of replacement exterior doors can be a daunting task. With a variety of materials, hardware, energy efficiency, and glass styles there are a variety of combinations you can opt for.