Spice Up Your Entrees with Great Smoked Cheese Options in Sussex

Few things bring the world together quite like culinary excellence. Whatever your background or beliefs might be, we can all come together in enjoyment and celebration of delicious delicacies! Every region has its share of delectable treasures, and smoked cheese is, to be sure, one of the great English and European cheese-based masterpieces.

Smoked cheese is, by definition, cheese which has been specifically treated via a process of smoke curing. This type of authentic smoke curing is used to add a little bit of extra flavour to everything from ham and bacon to certain types of fish, and is of course used to make smoked cheese as well

Whether you’re looking to use them in a recipe or as a scrumptious side with crackers for guests, smoked cheese has just the right degree of spiced taste and personality to add a dash of class to any dish or gathering. As such, here’s what you’ll want to look for (and indeed, what you can expect) from the finest providers of smoked cheese in Sussex.

The Proper Smoking Process

First and foremost, you want to be sure that your cheese is smoked in the best manner possible in terms of taste, quality, and longevity. All three have historically played a role in the development of smoked food products in Europe, with wood surfaces usually being used in the process. Today, the best providers of smoked cheese cold-smoke them (that is, expose them to smoke in controlled environments of typically around 20 to 30 °C) via oak chippings and brick kilns, which properly capture and use that warm smoky quality we all love so much.

Great Selection

Naturally, as with any food product, one of the most important things to check for in any great provider of smoked cheese is the selection. There are so many different types of great smoked cheese on the market today, and the best providers of smoked cheese are always looking to introduce their clients to a world of flavour. Traditionally English smoked cheeses, such as cheddar and stilton, are particularly popular, with both serving as both great recipe fodder as well as a lovely side dish alongside crackers as finger foods for get-togethers and dinner parties.

Experience You Can Trust

Of course, you always want to hold the food you consume to a high standard of excellence and quality. This is true not just from a quality standpoint but, as with a slightly showier and classier offering such as smoked cheese, an aesthetic one as well. You want cheese which looks delicious and tastes even better, which in turn means it should be prepared by masters of the craft – and indeed, the best names in British smoked cheese can point to decades of service and practice.

Spice up your entrees today with one of Britain’s classiest high-quality providers of smoked cheese!