One small step for mankind/inkind

Now that the 4th of July is just around the corner, you can bet those,” lazy, hazy crazy days of summer” that Nat King Cole wrote about years ago will be the perfect time to show off your new kitchen remodel to family and friends who are likely to stop by.  You can regale them with all the details of the planning, sourcing, shopping and contracting that went into the makeover while you all dine al fresco on the deck just off your thoroughly modern kitchen.  Or you can catch up with wine and cheese as you take in the sunset off the back deck, while corn and other veggies get toasty on the coals.  Either way, they are sure to get the message that a lot of care went into making this addition and the results are worth the time and effort it took to make your dream come true.

What’s important now is that you feel as good as you can, and one way to do that is to make sure your feet are wearing the best fitting shoes or sandals possible.  That’s why TOMS is such a great choice for you.  Whether on vacation hiking in the mountains or lounging on the deck of a yacht as you take out to sea, TOMS envelopes your feet in comfort, and your heart in the satisfaction that a simple act of buying a pair of shoes is guaranteed to help another human being.

TOMS have continued its mission to donate millions of shoes to low-income residents in impoverished nations around the world, and donates part of their earnings to charities and other organizations that work to protect and improve the natural environment.  So yes, you can take comfort in knowing that as you strike up a fire to cook a meal in your new and expanded kitchen, your purchase of a pair of TOMS with the Groupon you used, means families will be putting food on their table as well.  With a Groupon, you can save as much as 25% off a pair of TOMS, or get codes that can save you even more.  It really is a win-win for those involved.

So during those lazy, hazy and fun-filled crazy days this summer, take time to relax in your comfortable shoes by TOMS and take comfort that your act has done some good in the world.