Latest front loading washing machines in 2017

Front loading washing machines are the most powerful and highly efficient type of washing machines that are very useful for one and all. Although the front loading washing machines are costlier than the top loading ones, they offer much more functionality, thus justifying their high cost.

Considered to be the most advanced category of washing machines, the front loading washing machine has a transparent door type lid that is present at the front side of the machine. The horizontal tub in the washing machines is used to clean clothes by making use of a tumbling action. There are numerous brands present in the segment of front loading category namely, IFB, LG Washing Machine, etc which are simply best to buy. However, before heading forward to buy the one, simply check these latest front loading washing machines.

  1. Bosch WAK24168IN Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine –

By far, one of the best front loading washing machines in India is the Bosch WAK24168IN Fully Automatic Front Load Washing Machine. With a capacity of 7 kg, this product offers a wide array of features. With the help of the Super Quick 15 function, you can easily clean your lightly dirty laundry within 15 minutes. The ‘Speed Perfect’ feature ensures that your dirty laundry is cleaned 65% quicker. The anti-vibration design hugely reduces the vibration being produced, thus minimizing the noise and providing more stability. Unlike other washing machines where you yourself have to wait near the machine till it finishes cleaning, the 24 hours’ time delay features, ensures that you don’t have to wait for it to finish cleaning. The level of water can be automatically adjusted according to the amount of load, by the help of ‘Active Wear’ feature.

  1. LG FH0B8ND122 fully-automated front loading washing machine –

LG Washing Machines have long been ahead in the race of washing machines. Their high-performance output, affordable price range, better overall cleaning is what makes them one of the best. LG FH0B8ND122 front loading washing machine comes at a reasonable price at around Rs.26000. The use of 6 motion technology makes it much better than the ones using the agitation or pulsation technology, thus producing better washing results for any variety of fabric. The capacity of this LG washing machine is 6 kgs. The Inverter Direct Drive technology connects the motor directly to the drum, without making use of any belt or pulley. This, in turn, decreases the electricity consumed, reduces noise and vibration, and increases the washing capability. The Smart Diagnosis feature makes it really easy to troubleshoot the issues. For washing your baby clothes, it comes with a separate baby care mode where the baby clothes are gently cleaned at a very high temperature, so as to kill all the bacteria.

  • IFB Elite Aqua SX fully automatic front loading washing machine

With a capacity of 7 kgs, this front loading IFB washing machine comes in both medium and high range and offers many unique features. Your clothes become fresher after a perfect wash with the help of the Air Bubble Wash system. The built-in aqua filters enhance the performance and lifetime of the machine. With Laundry Add feature, you can keep adding clothes even after the wash cycle has been initiated. The 3D wash system provides better dynamic movement to the water, thus guaranteeing a better and cleaner cloth wash.

So make a smart choice and welcome a brand new front loading washing machine in the year 2017.