Know The Perfect Ways To Colour White Chocolate, Candy Melts And Candy Moulds

White chocolate as the name suggests is white or cream in colour. Though it is called chocolate, it isn’t the pure form of cocoa beans made chocolate. It’s a mixture of cocoa butter, milk constituents, sugar and lecithin acting as an emulsifier.

White chocolate is basically used to make other forms of colourful chocolates. Using the right techniques chocolate makers can do wonders with their skill. To know more about contacting the right company, log on to website

A short note on how they do:

All that needs a bar of white chocolate, a microwave and enthusiasm to create a new form of coloured chocolates. Experts use cocoa butter freshly available in market instead of white chocolate bars as it is stable. You just need to melt and tint it. After using the required quantity of it you can pour into a glass jar with secured lid.

Using readymade chocolate colouring is advantageous than using food gels or icing colouring as they contains water which isn’t the right ingredient to have painted chocolate. While using tinted chocolate best buy colours white, yellow, red and blue. Candy colouring can be used available in varied names like Candy melts, or Candy coating. To have dark colours like red and green, then buy coloured wafers. Other forms to use are colour coating oil based and powdered candy colouring. Moreover using these coloured wafers will help light colours to remain intact otherwise they fade up.

To paint white chocolates, you need to melt and temper it. If you are using candy colouring make sure to add less drops of it and mix continuously till you get the desired colour. If you prefer to use powdered colour, sprinkle them on the top and mix the mixture of melted white chocolate.

Hints to make it look awesome:

  • Using white candy coating, before adding other colours, will help to remove the creamy look of melted white chocolate.
  • If the coating of colour becomes thick, you can add Paramount Crystals.
  • Using electric skillet and food brushes of plastic handle ones will be better choice to make the work easier to accomplish.

  • Never keep them in freezer to cool. Setting them half an hour in refrigerator will be enough to have the mouth watering painted chocolates.

It will be advantageous to buy the needed material from reliable sources. If you need to have varied kind of painted chocolates contact bulk chocolate making company know well for its creditability.