Keep Your Business Running Smoothly with Catering Specialists

For large events such as weddings, graduations, and birthday parties, catering is an iconic and popular choice when it comes to serving large amounts of food to crowds of people. Behind the scenes, however, things can get hectic and messy. Appliances and areas of the catering kitchen which are uninspected and heavily used can lead to wear and tear, along with eventually unavoidable expensive repairs and possible prosecution. That is why a trained professional must make regular visits to a catering kitchen to prevent any unneeded, messy, and potentially dangerous situations from happening.

Cold Room Repair

Arguably the most important kitchen amenity for caterers, the cold room stores all the vital perishables used in most food dishes. The shelf life and rate of spoilage of stored items depends on proper maintenance of the cold room, which is generally cooled to a temperature between -17C to 1C. Left unchecked for too long, a cold room can accumulate mould behind walls and underneath floorboards, potentially contaminating food items. Improper cleaning of such a room can lead to invasion by pests, forcing a kitchen or company to throw out any potentially contaminated food.

The lack of proper pressure within the cooler can raise the temperature, likewise ruining massive amounts of expensive products and ruining the prospects of successful catering orders and events. However, can come in and adjust temperatures correctly, get rid of mould, and ensure that walk-in coolers reliably store and preserve a company’s food supply. The size of the business doesn’t matter, as small kitchens and large corporations alike will benefit greatly from this sustained and valuable service. With the help of trained professionals, a cold room can operate above and beyond the required standards, with perishables lasting much longer as a result.

Gas Systems

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of a catering kitchen is proper ventilation. If a fan fails, dangerous gas can accumulate in the kitchen, causing injury and even death. If left unchecked, gas systems can easily fail gas standard BS6173, resulting in hefty fines, kitchen closure, and even prosecution. Qualified engineers should be brought in once a year to measure the gas outflow and shutoff performance of valves.


Even a simple oven lighting may malfunction, causing potential gas leaks into the kitchen if left unchecked. Defective gas valves, either resulting from old age or damage, can also cause a deficiency in an oven, affecting raw food and raising one’s heating costs. Something as simple as a spill inside an oven can also negatively affect appliance performance.

A skilled professional can diagnose and calibrate these aspects, specifically the present programs and thermostat, determine the problem, and proceed to the next steps of repair and maintenance.


A favourite aspect of cooking, fryers, like ovens, can run into a range of temperature problems. If the temperature in the fryer is irregular, food can come out either soggy or burnt. Grease can clog up the fryers’ openings, pilot lights can malfunction, and thermostats can become skewed, ruining a fortune’s worth of food. Coupled with the danger of burning oneself, fryer repair and maintenance should really be left to a trained engineer.