Keep Wine at Its Best with Outdoor Wine Refrigeration Hire

Cold wine storage during peak trading seasons or for one-off events may not sit at the top of your list of priorities, but it should. How you store your wine has a remarkable effect on its flavour and quality, even your average non-connoisseur will find flaws.

Light, humidity and temperature can have a negative effect on wine and champagne quality. Leaving bottles at room temperature for hours, days or weeks or exposing wine to fluctuations in temperature e.g. a winter’s day 3˚c outside, 20˚c centrally heated interior can cause premature aging or ruin the flavour.

Similarly, placing wine on a table beneath sunlight, either directly or through a window, or fluorescent lighting is inviting problems. Whilst a cloth or box may provide a short-term solution, a professional cold wine storage plan is undeniably wiser.

Wineware recommends that wine shouldn’t be stored with any items possessing a strong smell because this can taint wine. Wine refrigeration hire is a sensible precaution to prevent wine from boasting a hint of garlic, onions or spices, for example.

Wine temperatures should never reach or exceed 24˚c because it starts to oxidise at this point. Oxygen is never desirable for wine. Expert Jancis Robinson believes that wine should never be kept below -4 ˚c or over 30 ˚c, the latter because the compounds can boil off.

Vibration can damage wine too so minimal movement is best. Even repositioning it several times in the same fridge is a risky strategy. Wine storage in spacious mobile fridge trailers keeps stock steady, in the dark and at cool temperatures. Humidity won’t exceed safe levels and can be monitored effectively. (When humidity reaches 70% the risk of mould increases.)

When you need cold wine storage solutions in an emergency, for temporary or additional storage please speak to a leading local specialist, Icecool Trailers, a firm with over 25 years of experience, about their mains and generator powered mobile fridge trailers and cold rooms. These are perfectly suited to outdoor use; watching fireworks from the terrace, a marquee on the lawn, at a food market or a wedding reception. Facilities come in a range of sizes, with or without wheels, at pleasantly competitive rates.

Professional wine refrigeration hire facilities meet legislation, are secure, insured, hygienic and well maintained. Shelves can be re-positioned as necessary.

Icecool Trailers friendly and knowledgeable team installs and sets up, down-powers and removes the facilities so there’s minimal disruption and time demands for the customer.

Staff can work within the mobile fridge trailers so when ergonomics is a factor and space is limited, your potential to shine isn’t.

Pre-booking of cold wine storage solutions is recommended, especially at peak times like Christmas and New Year; the initial hire periods can be extended easily when business levels demand.

Icecool Trailers has a 24-hour emergency contact number so if the worst-case scenario occurs, they’ll be ready to act.

Don’t struggle for storage space; seek professional assistance and enjoy peace of mind as you welcome guests and diners.