Is Your Roof Damaged and in Need of Repair?

It can be pretty exciting buying a new home but quite often there are a few things to be done, especially if it is an older home. Buying an older home can be a great way to get into the market but it’s a good idea to take note of all of the things that do need repair. One part of the home that many people forget is the roof but as the barrier that protects us from the sun, wind, and rain, the state of the roof is very important.

What Happens When the Rain Gets Inside?

The problem is that every roof will sustain damage over time. Sometimes, a severe storm can cause damage pretty quickly but, quite often, it is the impact of the elements year in and year out that will cause moved tiles, holes, and cracks to appear. The good news is that local and expert roof tilers in Sydney can help.

If your roof has sprung a leak or two, the rain water that enters the roof space can cause the following problems:

  • Damage to insulation material
  • Damage to electrical wiring, potentially causing a short circuit or roof fire
  • Damage to the wooden structures in the roof
  • An ideal environment for the growth of moulds

Of course, all of these extra problems can become very expensive over time if you ignore the warning signs of roof damage. This is the last thing that any homeowner wants to have to deal with!

Taking Notice of the Signs of a Roof Leak

Given that so many people don’t really think about the health of their roofs, how is it possible to understand when it’s time to call in expert roofers? Here are some signs that you should not ignore when it comes to the health of your roof:

  • Dislodged Tiles: The fact is that tiled pitched roofs are still very popular. While the tiles themselves are pretty durable, they can move over time due to storms. If you just happen to look at your roof, take note of the position of the roof tiles. If any of them have moved, it’s time to consider calling in a roofer.
  • Cracked Tiles: Likewise, if you notice any cracked or damaged tiles, this could be letting in the rainwater and potentially causing more damage!
  • Noises: If you ever hear the dripping of rain water on top of your ceiling, there’s probably a leak in your roof. It’s definitely not normal for rainwater to be dripping onto your ceiling.

Never ignore the tell-tale signs that your roof may be damaged and letting in rain water. Doing so could lead to extra repair expenses!