How to choose the best fryer

A latest generation professional fryer is required to fry quickly and in absolute safety, since large amounts of very hot oil are involved.

 To find the best product on the market it is important to know the different types of fryers produced.

In fact, there are professional deep fryer, semi-professional deep fryers, deep  fryers with a static basket, in addition to the more recent modern ones such as those with rotating baskets, which allow frying with reduced amounts of oil, and even healthier ones as air fryers that cook by circulating hot air around the food using the convection mechanism.

The classic deep fryer is the traditional appliance with a cubic or parallelepiped shape, which recalls the features of the professional fryer characterized by the vertical extraction basket and without a lid. This type of fryer is particularly suitable for those who fry daily and therefore for people who are very familiar with this appliance.

Unlike professional fryers, household fryers have different characteristics such as a filter for odours, a system to facilitate the oil change and to reduce consumption.

However not all fryers do not have a lid, in fact many of them are closed, have a rounded shape and also have a rotating oblique basket. This is the best household deep fryer  because it often has a thermostat, a filter for odours and systems that reduce the consumption of oil, as previously mentioned.

Internal capacity and dimensions

The fryers are produced to meet the different consumer’s needs, for this reason there are not only different types, but also different sizes and capacities.

These characteristics depend essentially on the amount of frying that is consumed and on the amount of people for which it is to be fried.

Generally the characteristic of the capacity depends on the quantity of liters of oil that is able to contain the fryer and on the quantity of ingredients that can be fried: specifying not only the weight (grams or kilograms), but also the type of food, since this can change the reference factors.

Accessories: baskets and filters for fryers

The most important accessories that characterize any model and type of fryer are undoubtedly the baskets and filters, both made of certified material, chromed or nickel-plated.

To the baskets it is also possible to apply the handle, a comfortable and innovative system made essentially of plastic material and generally composed of two assembled parts. The mechanism is quite easy to use, so much so that the handle itself can be easily disassembled, so that it can be cleaned separately and thoroughly.

The filters that characterize the vast majority of fryers on the market are made of certified material, chrome-plated or nickel-plated. In a fryer filters are generally placed on the bottom of the cooking pan, which has the purpose of protecting the basket from the heaters mainly due to the high temperatures reached by the fryer in action. They are usually specifically matched respecting the dimensions of the fryer itself. The filters have the function of capturing and filtering the residues that are released during the cooking phase of the food and are also used for the drainage of the basket.