Amazing Facts about Feeding Pet Dogs with Great Results

Dogs are wild carnivore animals. As ancestors of all domestic dogs were wild, they carry natural genetic features of wild carnivores even today. Their basic behaviours remained intact. They remain most alert even while sleeping; have great smelling ability, very territorial and so on. Apart from these, their feeding habits also basically remained unaltered. Whatever changes you might notice are the result of their power of adaptability and training.

In the wild, ancestors of your pet dog used to hunt in groups. They were used to eat fresh and raw meat, organs, bones, cartilages of their herbivores preys. They used to eat whenever they could hunt and shared the food among group members. Puppies were also included in the feast.

What are the Basics of dog feeding?

Well, dogs being one of the most intelligent animals they could adopt to both meat and nonmeat foods while staying with human beings for tens of thousands of years. As mentioned above, in the wild they used to get nutrients from their herbivorous preys which were stored in the prey’s body by feeding on plant parts those preys used to eat.

To conclude, your doggy needs nutrients from their food and the food should be attractive, mouth-watering, palatable, and safe. You can feed your dog with Natural Dry Dog Food which is safe and healthy. As we all look for healthy, complete and balanced diet, your doggy too deserves the same standard of food.

What should the Dietary Planning?

Each dog is different on many counts. Their dietary requirement also differs accordingly. Following points are to be considered seriously for a perfectly healthy and delightful dietary planning:

  • Species of the dog.
  • Age is a vital and very important issue.
  • Stage of the dog, weather, pregnant or nursing.
  • Physical condition including dental and jaw conditions.
  • Suffering from any disease or is recovering from any illness.

What are the General Guidelines?

The wise thing to do is consult a reputed veterinarian for a dog specific scientific dietary advice. You can go with following thumb rules.

  • A high-quality premium dog food.
  • A dog food that is certified for your dog.
  • You can offer some natural food like human grade raw meat with soft bones to add variety.
  • Adults should be fed at least twice in a day.
  • Puppies should be fed with semi solid foods more frequently.
  • Ensure access to clean drinking water and enough playing and exercising.