A Short Guide to Space-Saving Beds

When shopping for a new bed most of us focus on aspects such as comfort and style. Yet when pushed to make the most out of smaller bedrooms we often find ourselves having to compromise in order to allow for storage space. The good news is that today there are such a diversity of bed designs available that no compromise is needed at all. What follows is a short guide to space-saving beds.

Doubles and Small Doubles
Double beds are often discussed in terms of standard doubles and king size doubles, with the former averaging around 140cm wide and the latter averaging around 150cm. Of course, doubles and king size doubles are available with a good amount of storage space by way of under-bed drawers. However, for those really eager to save space, small doubles are designed specifically for this purpose and offer the comfort of a double but are just a little smaller – mattresses average around 120cm in width and 190 cm in length – and often come with shelving built into the headboard.

When it comes to single beds, wooden and steel frame beds are very popular currently and offer plenty of space underneath to store bits and bobs. Again, singles are also available with drawer storage too, yet when considering buying such a design consumers should be aware of whether the drawer will be easy to use when placed in a room full of furniture.

Cabin Beds
If you are aiming to save space with a single bed it may be worth purchasing a cabin bed. Cabin beds are typically designed to be considerably raised from the ground (around 80cm), thus to include ample storage underneath. Sometimes called mid sleepers, cabin beds are not as tall and so offer additional safety for young users. They are available with the under bed space free – but also with varying degrees of storage facilities by way of drawers and desk features.

High Sleepers
For older children, high sleepers reach up to around 170cm and offer even more room underneath for bookshelves, wardrobe, drawers and/or a computer desk. Designs often come with such accessories built in, but others are simpler and leave the room underneath completely free.