5 Reasons Why a Hog Roast is the right catering option for you

If you have an event to cater, you likely have a lot of people to feed. You may not have thought about having a hot roast catered for a birthday or special occasion, but today we will discuss five reasons why a hog roast is a right option for your special event!

1. Save Money

Catering an event is often an expensive task. A hog roast is a great option because there will be a lot of meat to feed a lot of people. The roast can serve as the main dish and you can just add a few sides or desserts to make a full meal!

2. Versatility

A hog roast is a versatile item to make for an event. A variety of side dishes will go great with the meal as well as desserts and beverages. This is a perk because you will have the flexibility to pick out what you want and perhaps save money too!

3. Unique Eats

When you think of a catered event, you probably do not think of a hog roast. A hog roast is a unique eat that you can have at your event that a lot of people may not eat often. This is a great way to impress guests with a unique taste that they may not experience on a routine basis.

4. Visual Experience

Going right along with the unique taste, a hog roast also provides a visual experience for guests. Seeing the hog roasting will peak your guests’ appetite and get them excited for the upcoming meal!

5. Left Overs!

If you have a hog roast for your event, you will likely have leftovers to send home with your party-goers and for yourself! Your guests will be thrilled when they realize that they will get to experience the delicious taste of your hog roast again when they choose to dive into their leftovers!

If you plan on ordering a little extra, go ahead and stock up on some plastic containers so your guests will have something to take their leftovers home in!

Reading into what to do with left overs from a hog roast will give you some ideas of what dishes you can create including Mexican rice, stir fry or simply have them in a sandwich.

Today we have presented five reasons why a hog roast is the right catering option for your next event or get-together! Your guests will love the unique visual experience of having a hog roast at your event as well as the unique taste. To make things better, a hog roast is a great way to cater an event on a budget and your guests may be able to take leftovers home!